What are your business hours?

I work by appointment, So I am Available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and am available evenings and occasional weekends.  If you would like to drop in to the shop, the counter staff is there from 12-6pm Tuesday to Saturday to direct your inquiries.

Do you do walk ins?

I am usually by appointment, but will occasionally to walk ins if I’m  available.  Check the Skin City NL Facebook page to see daily if any of our artists are available for walk ins that day.

Can you design my tattoo?

I sure can!  I love designing new custom pieces.  You can drop into the shop to speak with me, or we can chat on facebook. I find Facebook is the easiest  method to  talk about tattoos because you can send me  pictures of  other tattoo styles that you like so I can get an idea about what you’re looking for.  Aspects like size and  placement will  be finalized  at  your appointment before the tattoo  begins.

Can I bring my design to you to get tattooed?

You can, but often there will be things that need to be changed or tweaked.  Sometimes what looks great on paper might not translate well to skin or to a certain body part.  I want your tattoo to look awesome, and I will work with you to make sure that it does.

How much will my tattoo cost?

At the moment my rate is $150/hour +tax, with a minimum cost of $150 flat for anything that takes less than 45 minutes.

There is no possible way to accurately estimate the cost of a large tattoo or a sleeve.  Sleeves take several sessions and can cost thousands of dollars.  If  you  are working within a budget, tattoos can be  broken down in to sessions to complete.  When working on a sleeve I ask that clients book minimum 3 hour sessions.

What methods of payment do you accept?

At this time I only accept payment in cash.

How do I care for my new tattoo?

When you get home from your appointment remove the plastic covering it and wash it with plain water.  You can pat it dry with a clean paper towel. Leave your tattoo exposed to the air as much as possible that day.  A new tattoo may ooze a pinkish clear fluid called plasma for the first day or so, or you may notice a minor amount of blood.  You can wipe this away with paper towel when it accumulates.  It is  fine to  get the tattoo wet and to clean it with plain soap and water when you shower.

On day 2 you can start to apply a water-based moisturizer 2 to 3 times daily until your tattoo heals. The most important thing after getting a tattoo is keeping it moisturized, but not over moisturizing it. A thin layer of a non-greasy unscented moisturizer a couple of times a day is optimal.  You don’t need any special tattoo products, a water-based moisturizer like Lubriderm or Aveeno if you have sensitive skin is fine.  Other good brands are Aquaphora, Keri, and Cruel.  Some people choose to use vitamin E cream or Coconut oil with good results.   It is recommended to NOT use and petroleum based moisturizers or medicated ointnents unless suggested by a doctor.

If everything goes well, you will notice in a few days that your tattoo may start to peel much like a sunburn. To keep your tattoo looking good, make sure you follow your  aftercare regimen and after the tattoo is fully healed, remember to keep your tattoos covered with a good SPF.  If needed, A touch up is provided for free, as sometimes an extenuating circumstance may cause your  tattoo to not heal correctly. Every person heals differently.

Do you do cover ups?

Yes, depending on that tattoo that needs covering.  In order to book a cover up I need to see the tattoo you want covered and you need to have some idea what you want to cover it with, but still be open to suggestion. Cover ups usually need to be larger and darker than the original tattoo, so keep that in mind.

Can you tattoo my fingers or hands?

No. It seems cool idea, but the skin on your hands regenerates quicker than any other part of the body and your finger tattoo is going to either wear off or just deteriorate. The style I tattoo in is not a style conducive to hand tattoos, but I can recommend some great artists that would do them for you.

I have allergies, will I be allergic to the ink?

I use the highest quality inks available in North America and my suppliers, Eikon and Good Guy tattoo supply are two of the most reputable ones in Canada. I use Silverback ink for black and grey wash, and Solid brand color inks.  They are all organic and vegan pigments.  If you have a specific allergy you can look up the ink companies online for a Material Safety Data Sheet.  If you suspect you may have an allergy to inks and pigments, I recommend you forgo getting tattoed.